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Why Consistency Is Key To Achieving Your Health Goals & 3 Ways To Make It Happen

September 29, 2021

Three tips to consistently stick to your goals in your health, fitness, and nutrition journey.

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We have talked about this so many times on our Instagram, but consistency is the key to achieving your health goals. Consistency is so important because it helps you to build habits for a lifestyle you can actually sustain.

Staying consistent with your healthy lifestyle can sometimes be easier said than done. Things can come up throughout our days, causing us to veer off track. However, when you choose just a few things to be consistent with, you will build healthy habits and you’ll be more likely to move forward towards your goals.

Remember that while it’s important to set goals, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have an end date. It’s important to build these habits and create a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain long term.

Here are our three tips to help you build consistency in your routine.

Plan Ahead

Taking time each week to plan your workouts and meals is so important to your success.

Start by taking a look at your calendar and seeing what your week looks like. From there, determine when you will work out each day and schedule it in your calendar. I like to plan what workouts I will do each day so that I am ready to get to it when the time comes. If you prefer to listen to body and figure out what workout you’ll do in the moment, that’s ok! Just make sure you schedule them and don’t break that meeting with yourself.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress can be a huge motivator to keep going after your goals after you see how much progress you’ve made. When we’re talking about tracking, we’re not talking about the scale, either.

Write down how you feel after working out and with the foods you’re eating. Write down how your clothes are fitting. Track your workouts and if you ran a little bit faster or longer than last time or were able to lift heavier weights. All of these things tell you SO much more than the number on the scale, giving you the confidence and momentum to keep going.

Treat Yo’ Self

That’s right! We want you to reward yourself for your hard work. Eating well and working out daily is not easy and you should be proud of your commitment!

Personally, I take every Saturday to eat whatever I want (as long as I stayed on track during the week) then I’m back on track Sunday. This gives me something to look forward to each week and helps me stay on track knowing that I have this treat day. This doesn’t work for everyone, so choose what’s best for you!

It could be a new workout outfit, getting your nails done, dinner at a fun restaurant, or new shoes! Choose whatever is motivating that will help you to help you stay on track.

Whatever your goals are, know that we’re here to help you achieve them with the Able Roots membership! You’ll get a new meal plan every week with 10+ new recipes, a grocery list, meal prep checklist, and more. This plan will help you stay consistent while building healthy habits to crush your goals. Join us and get immediate access to clean, easy to make recipes, nutrition guidance, and community support!

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